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We enjoy a variety of activities with our Arabians and love to share the Arabian horse experience with others! We welcome you to join our club and look forward to meeting new Arabian horse enthusiasts.

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News from Convention!

November 30, 2022
From AHA on November 30, 2022:

Arabian Horse Champions,   
The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) formed in 2003 to bring Arabian horse enthusiasts together to preserve and advance the Arabian breed. That goal remains the primary focus of AHA.   

Thank you to all who have provided important input on the matters listed below and all who participated in the Convention in Myrtle Beach, and in virtual Committee and Commission meetings prior to Convention. We are pleased so many members could attend and participate in shaping the future of our AHA. We are pleased to find mutual understanding so we can advance and celebrate the Arabian horse industry for the benefit of all. We understand our association is stronger when we are unified, and we are pleased to move forward into 2023.  

Thank you for applying your energy, talent, and resources to our association. To learn more, please visit www.arabianhorses.org.  

The AHA Board of directors recently made decisions at the Nov. 9 and 11 meetings.
In summary:
– The Board amended its internal policies regarding the job description and deliverables of the internal audit committee.  
– Upon recommendation from the Membership Initiative Task Force the Competition Card fee was increased for both adults and youth $5 annually effective April 1, 2023.   – Upon recommendation from the Futurity Commission PERF 107.6 now reads, “Nominations are allowed with an additional $700 and $1000 late fee for the Reining Futurity/Maturity/Derby up until the Final Post Entry Close date for that National Show and any additional Program Enrollment fees (including late fees) must be paid.  
– The Board ratified the appointments of Debbie Himmel and Pat Barton to the Arabian Horse Foundation Board for three-year terms.  
– The Board will meet in Denver March 17-18, 2023 and meet with the AHYA Board. The Board will also meet via Zoom August 7-8 and November 15, 2023.  
– The Board approved a 3-year contract with the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, Ohio for the Sport Horse Nationals  
– The Board moved to have the President create a committee to review the creation of a West Sport Horse National Show with its own show commission no later than FY 25. – The Board approved that an amount not to exceed $275,000 be allocated to update the office building.  
– The Board approved the 2023 AHA Distance Nationals be held at 23115 Old Bridge Rd. Menegha, MN Friday September 29 through Sunday October 1, 2023 and that AHA host the Distance Horse National Championship concurrent with the Distance Nationals.  
– The Board seated Chuck Rickart, Region 10 for the seat vacated by Lance Walters on the US Show Commission. This seat was open upon Lance Walter’s election as Treasurer. This term will expire in 2024.  

The following individuals were elected by the Board of Directors for the following Commissions and Committees:  
AHA Futurity Commission: Chuck Mangan, R8 Deb Witty, R5  
AHA Distance Commission: Art King, R 18  
Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Larry Jerome, R 10 Michelle Pease-Paulson R5   Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Trustees: Jim Hitt, R 8 Dean Meier, R 10 Chuck Rickart, R10 Russ Taylor, R 9  
Canadian National Show Commission: Gerald McDonald, R 17  
Education/Evaluation Commission: Juli Goder-Larson, R 10 John Power, R 8 Mike Wilson, R12 Chris Culbreth (R 7) Michael Wilson (R 12)  
Internal Audit Committee: Kathy Callahan Smith, R 1  
Market Development & Promotion Committee: Carrie Fritz, R8  
Registration Commission: Isaac Taylor, R7  
Sport Horse National Show Commission: Wanda Funk, R 11 Marilyn Weber, R 11  
U.S. National Show Commission: Mark Himmel, R9 Dave Daugherty, R 14  
Youth National Show Commission: Sharon Richards, R3 Dan Stevenson, R3  

Additional Information – Nov. 2022  
Convention 2022 Summary Reports & Resolutions
The following reports were presented at the Convention:
– State of the Association
– United States Equestrian Federation
– Equestrian Canada
– Treasurer’s Report
– American Horse Council
– Local Level Committee Report
– Executive Director Report
– Scoring Presentation
– Arabian Horse Youth Association Report
– Media Growth and Future Plans
– Market Development and Promotions Report
– 2023 Convention Invite Presentation
– Arabian Horse Foundation
– Judges & Stewards Commissioner Report  

– 1 Bylaw Resolution was approved: 1-22 approved 2-22 withdrawn  

– 9 Resolutions were approved as part of the Convention Consent Agenda Resolution log: 3-22 9 through 16-2022 approved  

– Four Resolutions were discussed by the Convention. Of those discussed they were all approved 5-22 6-22 7-22 8-22  

The Annual Convention Planning Committee reminded delegates the 2023 Convention is Virtual and the 2024 Convention is at the Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada.

The Convention delegates did not approve the 2025 Convention to be virtual. The Annual Convention Planning Committee will research further and come back to the delegates.  

Celebrations, Honors & Awards
We celebrated two Earl E. Hurlbutt President’s Award winners: Jenelle Fleming and Charles Bass, and we recognized and heard from the AHA Youth of the Year – Grace Smith. 
The Convention also celebrated 7 National Volunteer Award winners: Megan Schaffer, R2, Patti Belanger, R3, Eric Reuter, R 12, Ron Gekeire, R 13, Jan Decker, R 13, Lurline Combs, R 16, David Henderson, R 18, and Derek Jones, R 18.  

We honored the Regional Volunteer Award winners.

Distance Horse of the Year 2022 went to VA Blizzard of Ozz owned by Christoph Schork.

The Ambassador Award 202 went to Techachapi Khan owned by Amanda Waterfield-Gibson.

The Open Competition Award was given to Targaryen TWF owned by Katharina Huenermann and Zee Triple Zee owned by Miller Arabians.

Club Excellence awards were recognized in the following areas:
Breed Promotion and Community Involvement – AHA of Arizona, R 7
Club Projects – Central States AHA, R 11
Membership Recruitment and Retention – Central States, R 11
Club of the Year – Central States, R 11

Discovery Farm of the Year went to Om El Arab  

The following individuals were elected by the Convention as AHA Officers
President, Deborah Johnson, R 3
Vice President, Lisa Blackstone, R 12
Secretary, Jan Decker, R 13
Treasurer, Lance Walters, R 16  

The following individuals were elected by the Convention in the following Committees, Commissions, or Panels:  
Commissioner’s Review Panel Amateur – Becky Nash, R 12, Steward – Carrie Olson, R 5 Breeder – Rob Bick, R 12 Show Manager – Cricket Gates, R 15  

Ethical Practice Review Board Rob Calnan, R 17 Van Jacobsen, R 10 Kim Verhage, R 1  

Judges & Stewards Selection Committee Shannon Armstrong, R 5 Ron Gekiere, R 13 Howie Schatzberg, R 7  

Nominating Committee Cricket Gates, R 15 Laura Mickelson, R 10 Gerogia Tachories, R 7  

Probable Cause Panel Ryan Chambers, R 11  

Updates & Resources  
Outgoing Board Directors include: Toni Marie O’Daniel, R 10, Jeff Caldwell, R 14, Janet Henderson, R 18  
Incoming Board Directors include: Chuck Rickart, R 10, Duane Esser, R 14, Josh Schildroth, R 18  
Judges and Stewards for the 2023 National Horse Shows and can be found on the AHA website on the Convention page here.
You can also see all the Club and Special Recognition winners on the Convention page of the AHA website here.  
To learn more, please visit www.arabianhorses.org.